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Four Ways to Enjoy Wine Over Time

Four Ways to Enjoy Wine Over Time

Drinking that first sip of a delicious wine can be quite magical, especially when you have been saving it for a special occasion. But sometimes, that perfect opportunity doesn’t come to fruition and the phrase “next time” becomes the normal response each weekend. Maybe finishing the entire bottle alone seems like a big task or savoring the entire bottle with friends and family is not an option.

Many of us worry about a good bottle going bad before pouring that last glass, but the fact is, you don’t need to finish the entire bottle! Preserving wine with Encork, an oxygen absorbing bottle stopper, allows wine drinkers the flexibility to sip, save, and savor without ever wasting a drop. Here’s three ways to consider enjoying wine over time.

Red Wine vs White Wine

Most regular wine drinkers seem to have a preference when choosing a red or white wine varietal. This can depend on the season, complimentary meal, or personal taste. Now when your partner prefers the opposite to you, that’s when things get complicated!

When planning dinner on a weeknight, consider opening one of each bottle! Pop open multiple bottles and enjoy a glass of white while making dinner, and red while eating and watching Netflix. Too late to finish another glass? That’s ok! Simply place a new Encork into the bottle, (or existing Encork stopper depending on the previous absorption).

Special Occasions

Not a routine wine drinker, but enjoy a glass or two during a special night or celebratory event? It’s now time to splurge on that top shelf, Bordeaux vintage you have been eyeing! With Encork, enjoying a fine wine over time is possible, since this bottle stopper actively absorbs oxygen each time you recork.

Or it may be time to select a bottle that you’ve been holding for years. Invaluable shares easy guidelines for how long certain wine grape varietals should age. After taking these wine ageing timelines into consideration, it may be time to “pull out the good stuff.” With Encork, there is no need to stress about enjoying a glass of wine on New Years Eve, then saving the rest for Valentine’s Day. The options for enjoying and preserving wine are endless.

Wine Tasting

It’s time to pull those wine glasses out of the cupboard and play sommelier! We get it, wine tasting doesn’t always make economical sense when you are holding the tasting at home. Most people opt to go wine tasting at wineries or restaurants where you can enjoy small tastes of different varietals in one sitting for a fraction of the cost.

Next time you are interested in comparing different wines, consider creating your personal tasting from the comfort of your kitchen. We suggest collecting supplies you will need, as Nicole Ng outlines these in her guide for hosting at home. Once you have your snacks, theme and wines ready, gather friends for the wine tasting party.

Saving money and wine is easy when using Encork during wine tastings. Even if guests don’t finish each bottle, you can save the rest with a handy preserving wine stopper. Simply slip an Encork into each unfinished bottle, and pull them out again for the next tasting with different friends or family. We won’t tell if you finish the bottles yourself...


When having guests over or planning a nice meal, we often contemplate what order the wines should be served. There are multiple ways to sequence wines throughout the course of dinner, but a popular method is to begin light, and proceed to more powerful wine during the meal. This is because our sense of taste dulls throughout the course. It’s best to take into consideration what types of food you will serve, to ultimately deconstruct the dinner and pair wines accordingly.

With most pairings, guests have preferences and may not be able to finish a full glass with each course. Encork allows guests to complement their meal with a different glass throughout the experience, but also provides the host a sense of relief when the bottle isn’t finished! Saving wine with Encork is not only easy, but allows for more variety throughout meals.


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