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Frequently Asked Questions

The Encork wine cork is an easy-to-use bottle stopper with active compounds to keep wine fresh for months. 

The Encork wine saver contains non-toxic compounds that absorb all the oxygen inside a standard 750ml bottle. The compound activates once exposed to air. Simply remove the Encork cap and immediately place into the bottle. 

The oxygen absorbing capacity of the Encork wine cork is designed for a standard 750ml bottle, but can be replaced a couple times.  If replaced only once, it can potentially be effective for another bottle.

The Encork stopper is made of a food safe and recyclable TPE – an eco friendly alternative to traditional materials like rubber or PVC. It has no odor and is free of BPA and phthalates. The oxygen absorber is a proprietary mixture of earthen materials that have been used in the food preservation industry for decades.  

Materials used in the Encork wine cork are specifically chosen to be inert and will not impart flavors into the wine. In blind taste tests, both industry experts and casual wine drinkers could not distinguish between wine saved with Encork and a newly opened bottle.

To work effectively, the Encork wine stopper needs to be in contact with air inside the bottle. It is recommended to store the bottle upright. 

When you remove the Encork wine cork from the bottle, you should hear a satisfying “pop” which confirms there was a proper seal and oxygen inside was removed. 

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